Featured Artist for July: Maysoon Al Gburi

About the Artist

Maysoon Al Gburi's art combines the beauty and richness of Mesopotamian history with the dire consequences of modern day. Many of her art pieces focus on the struggles of women and the trauma they all too commonly face in countries throughout the world. 

Maysoon was born in Iraq and has traveled through Jordan, Morocco, and then to the United States to express her thoughts and her rhetoric through art. She is a trained journalist and has worked in humanitarian relief in war zones. 

She uses vivid imagery and vibrant color to capture her experiences and to express human emotion. She also uses a variety of mediums for her art, including oil and acrylic on canvas, clay and mixed media. 

The Defeat of a Woman

A helpless woman seeks self protection in her own arms. This piece portrays the suffering of the Yazidi Women who have undergone barbaric acts of rape and violence by ISIS under the name of religion. These tragedies should never be forgotten and never repeated to any woman no matter where they are in this world.

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Shahrazad's Tales

Shahrazad once captured the heart of the brutal king with her One Thousand and One stories. In modern day, our Mesopotamia is attacked again and again. If Shahrazad were to return, she would be speechless. There would be no more tales to tell.

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Past Exhibitions

Maysoon's work has been featured at Dara Global Arts Gallery through the "Exhausted Spirits" exhibit and "Memory Codes" exhibit. Both of these exhibits received media coverage by Arabic news network, Alhurra. See coverage for "Exhausted Spirits" and for "Memory Codes."