Fine Ink Prints by Baha Omary Kikhia

These original ink drawings were created with fine ink pen, involving extremely detailed strokes. At once wildly free and remarkably precise, each drawing is like a multi-dimensional story that one enters, evoking an enchanted and magical atmosphere that absorbs the viewer in it's endless layers.

Historically, Baha’s work has been distinguished by a vivacious, sensual aura and unique use of vibrant color, which reflects her view of the world as incessantly swirling with beauty, pain and joy. Her ink drawings also weave in the movement of the natural world: birds, snakes, fish and butterflies make appearances, symbolizing moments of shedding, transformation, healing and freedom. As in her previous work, the commanding presence of ‘the feminine’ is ever-present in her depiction of old cities, landscapes, and Bedouin gatherings.

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