“If an orange peel can become a rose, what will you blossom into?"

The Calamarie collection is inspired by orange peel roses handmade in Colombia by women artisans. Each eco-friendly work of art is handmade by loving hands resulting in subtle variations from piece to piece for a truly one-of-a-kind-treasure. Founder Catalina Lemaitre – a former economist turned social entrepreneur – works with women artisans in Colombia to create jewelry that connects us to nature and to each other.

Orange peels, Calamarie’s favorite material and source of endless inspiration, are collected from street juice vendors and thoroughly cleaned before undergoing a multi-day process of drying, shaping, and dying that results in a beautiful, wearable rose (with the added benefit of a subtle citrus aroma).

Seeds & nuts are hand polished and painted to become soft and warm-to-the-touch beads. Fresh water pearls and hand-forged gilded bronze add elegance & a touch of whimsy. Cáñamo, a resistant and beautiful natural fiber, strings it all together, uniting these gifts of nature and transforming them into wearable little treasures.