About Us

Our Mission is to Bring Harmony and Peace Through Art

We celebrate original art that reflects women empowerment and freedom of expression

Dara Global Arts Gallery celebrates original art that reflects women empowerment and freedom of expression with a goal of bringing peace and harmony to the world though art.   See Brochure. Dara Global Arts Gallery distinguishes itself from other art dealers by donating a percentage of the sales of many artworks to organizations like  INARA, BRAWS and Samra Nice Arts that make a direct and positive impact on children of war-torn countries, women and children suffering from homelessness and artists struggling with poverty in countries around the globe, respectively.

  • Our Artists

    30% of all exhibit proceeds from Dara Global Arts Gallery Kinda Barazi's "Transitions" exhibit will be donated to INARA to help fund much-needed medical intervention for children in war-torn countries. INARA is a non-profit organization that provides access to life-saving and life-altering medical assistance to children impacted by war.

  • Our Collectors

    And with each purchase of Dara Global Arts Gallery NuSkin Product, customers are helping BRAWS, an organization brings dignity and empowerment to women and girls living in shelters by providing personally fitted undergarments and menstrual supplies. In 2018 BRAWS served over 80 shelters and schools and helped 6,000 women and girls in 21 counties, 10 school districts and 6 states.

  • Dara Global Arts Gallery also supports Samra Nice Arts, an initiative supporting youth arts talent to share their work and products worldwide.

    These are just some of the examples that illustrate Dara Global Arts mission to bring peace and harmony through art. Follow us on Facebook @DaraGlobalArtsGallery to see our latest promotions and exhibits and view our Art Book here.


You can always connect with us, who will help you find the perfect artwork for your space, style, and budget. Free of charge.