Our Mission

Our Mission is to Bring Harmony and Peace Through Art. We celebrate original art that reflects women empowerment and freedom of expression

Dara Global Arts Gallery is a woman-owned pop-up contemporary Art Gallery in the Vienna/Tysons area.

Our mission and goal is to bring harmony and peace through the presented art, and we do our best to ensure providing a platform based on understanding, awareness and compassion to help spreading and enforcing the mission of peace, justice and love.

We are passionate about helping emerging and established artists express their messages and stories through their creations and their stories to share.

We work collaboratively with each artist to make an impact as agents of change through recognized agencies and non-profit organizations of their choice. Organizations like INARA, BRAWS, Down Syndrome Association of Northern Virginia, the Women's Center Vienna, and Iraqi Children Foundation are one of the few that we are proud to work with. These organizations are known to make positive impacts on children and women not only in the United States, but also in countries around the globe.

You can read more about our mission on the segment about us at Online PBS News Hour.

Our Artists

30% of all exhibit proceeds from Dara Global Arts Gallery Kinda Barazi's "Transitions" exhibit will be donated to INARA to help fund much-needed medical intervention for children in war-torn countries. INARA is a non-profit organization that provides access to life-saving and life-altering medical assistance to children impacted by war.

Dara Global Arts Gallery also supports Samra Nice Arts, an initiative supporting youth arts talent to share their work and products worldwide.

These are just some of the examples that illustrate Dara Global Arts mission to bring peace and harmony through art. Follow us on Facebook @DaraGlobalArtsGallery to see our latest promotions and exhibits and view our Art Book here.