About Us

Dara Global Arts Gallery features a highly curated collection of original art that reflects the empowerment of artists and their freedom of expression. The gallery reflects more than just great art. it is a medium where uniqueness, powerful thoughts, and meaningful messages and actions are presented and delivered.

Our mission is “Bringing Harmony and Peace Through Art” and we live by this beautiful mission. Each artist we represent brings their own unique personal story and culture to each piece they create.

Sensual curves of a woman’s body, the splash of intense color or touches of metal work combined with scrumptious leathers sprinkle this collection with spice and richness, music, fashion, dance and poems.

Women are embraced in our gallery as we celebrate their own vision. Whether they are from the west or the east, they are all to be empowered. Women from war torn countries bring a powerful passion that will not be denied. Women from more privileged parts of the world will always need to be supported and also provide to the rest of their fellow women.

Our Team

Nawara Omary Elliott
Gallery Owner

Maysoon Al Gburi
Artist and Associate Director

Ahmed Ghareeb
Artist and Art Coordinator