Pet Portrait Custom Order

You can order a custom watercolor painting for your pet . Send your pet's photograph and we will mail you the finished artwork within 2-3 weeks anywhere in the US or globally.

Order Instructions

Email a photo of your pet to  info@daraglobalart.com with the following information about your order request: 

  • Your Name:
  • Shipping Address:
  • Phone Number:
  • Size Preference: 16" w x 20' h ($485) 18" w x 24" h ($675)
  • Special Message: Artist can place name on the art piece if desired

Terms and Conditions

  • Artwork can be ready within 3 weeks of order placement. If this is an expedited order, a $65 fee is added to the order.
  • Shipping is added to the price.
  • Once we receive the order, the Gallery will provide you with a price quote and within 48 hours of receipt.
  • No exchanges or returns as this is a custom order.