Dayline Sherbondy

My name is Dayline Sherbondy and I grew up in Venezuela.... a Beautiful and Colorful country with countless forms of art with very kind and happy people.   This is the way I want to remember my country.... with a memory very different to the reality they now experience.   I learned my home country is not about a land or location.  My country is part of me that I will have in my heart.  

  • In my past, I was involved with a foundation for orphans with special needs: those who are very often left to the side for their looks or health problems. It's very hard for me to see the crisis in my country, which has increased astronomically and increased poverty to affect 85% of Venezuelan families...many who now can not afford food and most medicine. These facts and my homesickness led me to discover a way to distract my mind, and art was my savior. Additionally, the support from my family and my husband have taken me to where I am now. I have found in myself a new part of me that I love and I am trying to give a little shine and sweetness to others. With Venezuela suffering, I'm doing my best to be optimistic and keep hope that everything will be better soon. I see myself is as an art lover and a dreamer...
    P.S. -- Always smile to others -- sometimes that will be the best part of their day.
    WITH LOVE...

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