Kinda Barazi

A Modern Expressionist, Kinda Barazi is of Kurdish-Syrian-American descent. She earned her BA in Advertising Design and began professionally designing and painting since 1988. Her conceptual work, acrylic, oil, and digital, consists of subject mattersthat address visions of hope aimed at empowering viewers and subjects alike. The majority ofher art carries messages, stories, and suggested solutions to enlighten one on methods of progression in life. After a successful career as an Art Director at prominent ad agencies and associations, she moved overseas where she had her first digital art exhibition at Gallery Seyhounin Tehran, Iran.

  • She also had several solo and group exhibitions at Gallery Surface Libre and The Zico House in Beirut, the Torpedo Factory, McLean Art Society, Vienna Art Society, and The Arlington Art Society in the USA, andThe Florence Biennale 2019 in Italy. Her recent works include a 'Health Hypnosis' series, enriching viewers with nature's own delicious fruits and vegetables, inducing them to lead a healthier lifestyle, as well as introducing methods of de-stressing one’s mind and spirit by including yogic & universal philosophy in a hypnotizing manner of painting. Uplifting comic relief is also portrayed through paintings of public figures;such as, Tyler Perry’s “Madea,” who continues to inspire society at large, encouraging us to place our pasts behind and thrive for a better future.

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