Featured Artist for June: Bahir Al Badry

About the Artist

Bahir Al Badry

Bahir Al Badry is an Iraqi artist, currently residing in Harrisonburg, VA. 

In 1980, he earned his Marine Engineering degree from Rijeka College in Croatia and he started his career as an artist in 1979. His overseas travel have been an inspiration for his art and he has explored themes of justice, freedom and existence.

In his work, he utilizes elements of totem art and focuses on humanity, peace, love and freedom - elements of life that he feels he was deprived of in Iraq.

Through art, he expresses a need to resolve the issues of mankind, while also exploring the cultural aspects of his birthplace and of ancient Mesopotamia - a culture which he believes is heavily engraved in his identity.



Through this piece, Bahir Al Badry uses acrylic paint on canvas to depict how we always have one foot in another destination. For an immigrant, this takes on a deeper meaning as someone who has family, history and culture in another country, while trying to create similar human experiences in a new country.

The daily struggle of holding onto our past destination while embracing our new one keeps us imbalanced. As we move forward, the hope is that the pillars beneath us will rise, so that we can have more equal footing.

However, no matter where we are, our thoughts, our memories and the books of knowledge we contain in our minds will travel with us.

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In this piece, Bahir Al Badry uses metallic permanent marker on cardstock drawing paper to depict the burden of motherhood. Mothers take on the worries of their families, literally carrying the lives and safety of their children on their backs.

This piece shows the mother's connection with her children, the overwhelming responsibility motherhood brings and the constant devotion she shows to make sure her children are healthy and alive.

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Bahir Al Badry's Work Showcased at Exhibit in Northern Virginia

Bahir Al Badry Exhibit at Cocoa Vienna

On May 12, 2018, northern Virginians had a chance to see this artist's work up-close at Dara Global Art Gallery's first-ever pop up exhibit. At Cocoa Vienna, a chocolate shop based in Vienna, VA, art lovers viewed Bahir's diverse collection and met with the artist himself. 

Colene Landin


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